Just a little about me (I expect to provide updates to this page from time to time):

I am a United States Air Force brat.  Born in Arizona and raised there as well as England, France, New Mexico, Philippines and Washington (not necessarily in that order).

I have three college degrees:  Associates in Applied Science, Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s of Science.

I am a 22 year veteran of the United States Air Force where I worked in numerous specialties.  During my time in the USAF I was stationed in Germany, Colorado, Washington D.C. and California.  I deployed in support of two wars and one major humanitarian effort.  I was on temporary duty in numerous locations around the world.

I am married (only once – for 35 years so far) and have two sons and two grandchildren.

My wife and I currently reside in Arizona where I am a High School Instructor.

I pride myself in being somewhat of a Renaissance Man.  A Renaissance Man or polymath is a person who is skilled in multiple fields or multiple disciplines, and who has a broad base of knowledge.  A jack of numerous (not all) trades.  However, I would consider myself a master of none.

I am a Conservative and registered Independent.

As mentioned, I am married.  We are in what might be referred to as a “Traditional Marriage”.  I go to work and my wife takes care of all the needs of family and home.

My wife has spent most of our married life raising our two sons and ensuring they earned their college degrees.  She must have done a great job since they are relatively well adjusted (any “issues” they have are, of course, my fault) and are both engineers.  She keeps a model home and me well fed. Don’t misinterpret this situation.  She is quite capable of taking care of herself.  She has two college degrees of her own and works when she has a mind to. As a teacher, when she DOES have a mind to work she is usually around little ones (mostly preschool or after-school elementary programs).  I am happy she does because heaven knows I couldn’t handle them!  When she doesn’t have a “mind to work” she is volunteering in some aspect of our church, community or the political arena.  Without her, the love of my life, there is no way I’d be where I am today.

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