Rules for Comments

This is not really intended as a discussion blog and I have no intention of allowing it to degenerate into statements of personal preferences or pet commentary from anyone with an internet connection. However, since I’ve already admitted to not being an expert on everything, I may approve comments presuming they follow the “rules” below…

Acceptable comments:

  • Comments adding value to my topic.
  • Comments written in intelligent, appropriate language.
  • Grammatically correct writing.

In addition to those “rules” above, comments presenting an “argument” contrary to mine will be severely scrutinized for logical, well considered thought preferably based on empirical data and/or time tested logic.

I do my research. If you are in 180 degree disagreement with me it is highly likely you haven’t done yours. As well, since I pick the topics, I’ve probably heard and rightfully discarded whatever contrary “argument” you are trying to make.

Not Acceptable comments:

  • Unintelligible writing. Yes, I’ve seen quite a bit of that.
  • Silliness (regardless of how humorous I might find it). If I actually laugh out loud I MIGHT make an exception.

Bottom line: I am always interested in intelligent presentation of empirically based opinion. Such writing, while not always in complete agreement with me, would necessarily tend to apply subtle modifications and not a 180 degree difference. Since I will rarely present the entirety of a topic, this would add value and would be appreciated.

Not acceptable comments will not be approved for display. Since most people are very poor writers, it is likely I won’t even read enough to get your point, don’t waste your time or energy if you aren’t wanting to follow the above rules.

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