For those of you that subscribe, I understand “modifications” to posts are not sent out. This is unfortunate since I, from time-to-time, do make corrections, additions or general modifications to posts rather than create a whole new post that then must be linked back to the one it references.
For this I apologize. I strive to ensure my posts are correct and complete but, much to my chagrin (not a normal state of affairs), I am not perfect. Just traditional.
That said, I was on vacation this past week and my post of yesterday was not as well thought out or complete as I had hoped. Even in my desire to keep them informative but short, I failed.
Therefore, I have updated my post of 19 July 2015 if you wish to read the “complete” thought (or at least as complete as it can be for an internet blog post).
Thank you as always for your support and readership.