The Tipping Point – a continuation…

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Progressivism (read, Liberalism/Socialism) in a nutshell (although not inclusive)::

Poverty vs welfare: They go hand in hand. What Socialists don’t see is that while welfare doesn’t create poverty, in its current state in our country, it does in fact perpetuate it. This has led to generational dependency and poverty. The way to lift our fellow man out of this perpetual state is to allow the private sector to provide jobs and limit the assistance (at either the State level or via private charity) to a minimal timeframe thereby creating the requirement to accept the work that private sector provides. Considering it is ALWAYS better than the poverty level subsistence provided by the Federal government, why would you NOT take it. Oh yeah, you’d actually have to GET A JOB!
I am not alone in this, the Manhattan Institute, came to this conclusion when it studied the notion of income inequality: “The central problem facing the economy is that income growth over the past few years has been modest to nonexistent, as a result of the financial crisis, the subsequent recession, and an extremely modest recovery. Moreover, policies that aim only to redistribute wealth—rather than generate real economic growth and opportunity—are unlikely to solve, or even meaningfully address, the slow growth trajectory for wages.”

Tax rate vs government income: Proven over and over again, lowering the tax rates creates more income for the government. Makes no sense on the surface (which is as far as the Socialists look because any further would not satisfy their plan of dependency and thereby ensuring its continued power base). However, the reason it works is simple. Less money taken from the private sector by the government allows more money to be spent by individuals and companies. Money spent creates jobs. More jobs equals more income. More income creates more income tax (yes, EVEN at lower tax rates). It is NOT rocket science.
This is not only a solution for our debt, it is a solution for unemployment. It is a solution for pulling anyone and everyone that takes advantage up in social status. As the old saying goes, a rising tide lifts ALL boats. As well, any job created by the government is a cost to all taxpayers, whether you want or need the product/service. Any job created by the private sector is a cost only to those that choose to spend money on that product or service. That said, since profit is the life or death of a company, job creation is required. Without employment, there is no profit. Therefore, the private sector is much better at creating and pricing jobs. Need proof, look at history.

Debt: See comments reference Greece in previous blog (07/05/2015 – The Tipping Point).

Morality: It is a good thing we have a Supreme Court (more on this next week) to dictate morality and create laws to ensure it. I suspect if we keep going down this path (which I see no indication we won’t) we will be able to get rid of Congress (and therefore the will of the people) and just have a dictator as president (later to be renamed monarch since it is more politically correct) and a court to rubber stamp his/her prescriptions. As well, by dictating away Judeo-Christian morals, on which this country was founded and most of our overriding laws (including the Constitution itself) are based, they can ensure their voting base and therefore their power. Keep in mind however that at some point voters will no longer be needed. Subjects on the other hand will be important.

Our national borders: While I fully understand from an individual perspective the desire to improve their standard of living, entering a sovereign nation without permission is not right. From the other side of the border, helping other countries improve the standards of their people is much preferable than taking on their poverty stricken citizens. And undoubtedly less costly in the long run. Not that I am advocating the US as the banker to the world anymore than the police force of the world (although we already supply significant portions of direct and indirect “lending” to nations throughout the world). Nor do I suggest that it is easy to go into a country and presuppose we know better than them how to provide for their people. However, it is without a doubt that we have proven our past philosophies are quite able to ensure a prosperous society. That said, allowing illegal immigration is not the solution to any country’s problems. When we allow the destitute with no means of support (thereby becoming an additional drain on a society already sucked dry), criminals and terrorists to cross into our country unabated, it can only lead to a further decline and eventual destruction of our ability to help ourselves, much less that rest of the world. And it is in direct conflict with the prime raison d’être of government, its reason for existence – to protect (not PROVIDE FOR) its people. Our current policies and level of enforcement is detrimental to our national existence.

Being forced to buy what we may not want (or already have in the form we want): Yes, SCOTUS Care (not interested in using our current POTUS’s name at any time – but aka The Affordable [what a joke] Care Act – as the current major example. The Oligarchy has spoken. The Federal government, or in this case, the Dictator in Chief and his cohorts in Congress, has/have no Constitutional authority to FORCE us to purchase not only something we don’t want, but exactly what and how much it will be. Apparently individual liberty (as in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness) and the 1st Amendment no longer apply. A solution looking for a problem. Instead of allowing the private sector to solve the problem of the few, the Dictator in Chief has solved the “problem” even for those of us that didn’t have one. As well, we now have pretty much as many or more without coverage than the problem was to address and has shown no lowering in costs for those that are forced to get a new version of something they already had. The numbers for 2012 (prior to “Affordable” Care Act (ACA)) show an uninsured rate of 16.7% with an average family annual premium of $15,745. In 2013 the uninsured rate was 20.8%. Today the uninsured rate is approximately 15.5% with an average family annual premium of $16,800. These numbers are of course from the government that brought you the product you did not need. Honesty? – I don’t think so. In addition, other than forcing people to purchase something they may or may not want, from somewhere they may or may not want purchase it, what has it accomplished? Since, contrary to what was portrayed, there is no indication that the ACA was the cause of the minimal reduction (a theoretical 1.2%) in number of insured. All that said, and contrary to the ruling of the SCOTUS (now a political body vice the intended legal one), there is nothing Constitutionally allowing the Federal government to get involved in health care.

Another long one. The wife hates that. But it needs to be said. And luckily I’m not the only one saying it. If you believe this country needs to get back to prosperity and the moral values upon which it was based, it is time to standup and in whatever way available to you (within the context of those values) do SOMETHING to turn it around.

Again, welcome to the New Dark Ages…

Maybe I’ll try some less depressing topics in the near future.

>>> The day is at a close, the night is drawing in and my cigar awaits – ’til next time…

The solution to the U.S. illegal alien and immigration problem

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Not the completely detailed solution, but a pretty darn good draft/outline of major actions to accomplish.  Fleshing out the details and implementation of this outline will no doubt solve both the short-term and long-term problem.  Until, of course, everyone wants to get their pet issue/concern into the mix.  Kind of like a “clean” bill in Congress being hijacked with all the addendums, amendments, riders and/or earmarks.  Bottom line:  in order for this to work, the outline below must be followed as written.  Details are necessary but modifications to the major points will render the solution null and void allowing the problem to continue in perpetuity.  Regardless, now that I have solved the problem, whether it is implemented or not, I will be able to sleep at night knowing the solution is available.

>  I’ve read and heard from time-to-time that we need to modify the U.S. immigration policy and there very well may be a necessity to do so.  However, I am not completely convinced and this overall topic is for another time.  However, since many suggest current immigration policy is “wrong” and therefore provides rationale for the interlopers’ unlawful activity, the basics of our current policy are listed here for your consideration [from a summary by the American Immigration Council]:

  • Provides for an annual worldwide limit of 675,000 permanent immigrants, with certain exceptions for close family members.
  • Based upon three principles: the reunification of families, admitting immigrants with skills that are valuable to the U.S. economy, and protecting refugees
  • [I will mention US citizenship below so let me give you the current US policy on that.]  “In order to qualify for U.S. citizenship, an individual must have had LPR status (a green card) for at least 5 years (or 3 years if he obtained his green card through a U.S. citizen spouse or through the Violence Against Women Act, VAWA). There are other exceptions for members of the U.S. military who serve in a time of war or declared hostilities. Applicants for U.S. citizenship must be at least 18 years old, demonstrate continuous residency, demonstrate “good moral character,” pass English and U.S. history and civics exams, and pay an application fee.” [American Immigration Council]

>  With that policy in mind, let us begin with the borders.  We have completely bastardized the concept of national security as applies to illegal entry.  So the first indispensable item on the agenda is obviously stopping the influx of illegal aliens into the country.  We have got to stop looking at illegal entry as a social issue.  Our immigration policy deals with that (see above).  This is an issue of national sovereignty.  Regardless of their rationale for entering the country, they are doing it unlawfully.  Build a “wall”.  I don’t care if it is physical, electronic, human or a combination thereof (although I’d recommend the combination).  We do not need Border Patrol or other Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agencies to protect the U.S. borders (although there is a necessary, but limited, role for law enforcement).  We have a military to deal with interlopers – use it.  To the full extent of its capability if necessary.  The military exists to secure this country.  Defending it from illegal entry is as important in the long run as defending it from immediate and obvious enemy combatants.  Although, sometimes they are the same thing.  We deploy our military overseas to protect the homeland of others as well as to stop the spread of “evil” to keep it from our shores.  It is no less necessary to do so at our own borders.  Yes, yes, yes.  Many (most) are coming here to make a better life and are not combatants or intending to perpetrate any ill will against us.  And I really do sympathize.  Nevertheless, we should differentiate these individuals through proper/legal immigration procedures.  Not in the middle of the desert as they try to sneak in.

Now don’t get me wrong.  My expectation here is NOT to have the U.S. military just killing anyone coming across the border.  As mentioned, there is a role for law enforcement here.  However, I contend that a larger, more capable force on the border would go much further to deter, detect and halt entry than does our current arrangement.  The specific Rules Of Engagement would have to be worked out in detail (and I would be happy to sit on that council!).

>  While securing the border and considering modification of US immigration policy to whatever extent, the following guidelines should be used for those already here.  To begin with, all those here illegally will be required to register with the DHS.  U.S. citizens essentially have birth certificates to document their “entry” and status.  Look at this as the equivalent.  They would also be required to have an international “background check” performed.  An implication being that if you do not register and are later found out, regardless of anything below, you and any dependents will be immediately deported.  From there:

  • If you are already here illegally but otherwise a “good person” (i.e., you have no criminal record in the US or any foreign country, are a contributing member of society and have a means of support for yourself and any dependents), you may stay.  However, you may NEVER become a U.S. citizen nor be permitted to participate in those actions/opportunities rightly reserved to citizenship (i.e., voting in Federal elections).  Should you wish to become a U.S. citizen, you must return to your country of origin and come to the U.S. legally via following appropriate procedures.  While you are here under illegal circumstance of arrival, you will of course have to participate in paying taxes and will be afforded the same considerations as any other resident alien.  I realize some would suggest this creates, in a sense, a situation of “taxation without representation” but this is by YOUR choice.  If you want to vote for someone to represent you, come to this country legally.  That said, you will still be provided serves for your taxes.  You will still be accepting use of roads, military/police/fire protection and many other services.  If at any time you become a problem at any level of our society (from numerous misdemeanors (say three strikes you’re out) to committing a felony (singular)) you will be required to leave the U.S.

I realize this may seem like a pardon to some and I fully understand that.  This is not my first choice of solutions.  But I believe this is the best balance between a complete pardon for all (again!) and an attempt (and most likely failure) to deport all those here illegally.

  • If you are here illegally and not being a good person, you AND your dependents, whether born in the U.S. or not (see below), will be required to leave the U.S.  This would include (but not be reserved exclusively to) not only those that have committed crimes while in the U.S. but those that have committed crimes in their home country (or anywhere else for that matter).  We don’t welcome alien criminals (other than a onetime exception, obviously from the previous bullet, those whose sole crime is having entered the U.S. illegally).  Any dependent you may have that is under the age of 21 when you, and they, are deported may apply for entry under appropriate immigration policy when they are of legal age (specifically – 21). If they are 21 or older and have an application for citizenship in process, they may remain if they choose until such time as their application is adjudicated.
  • If you were born here of parents who are here illegally, you are not a citizen.  Sorry.  I fully understand you are not complicit in the unlawful activity preceding your birth.  However, we all “suffer” consequences in one form or another of those that came before us.   If you and your parents are being good people, you may stay.  It was not your fault your parents broke the rules and entered this country illegally.  You must register regardless of age and you may apply to become a U.S. citizen upon reaching your 21st birthday by following the appropriate procedures to do so.  However, if after your 14th birthday and prior to gaining U.S. citizenship you are found to have participated in felonious activity, you will be deported to the country of origin of your parents.  This would take place immediately following your 18th birthday (to ensure you are of legal age to vouch for yourself), or immediately if you are already of age, and is regardless of the citizenship status of your parents.

>  The final plank would deal with why people go to such lengths, put their lives and the lives of their loved ones in peril and break our laws just to get here in the first place.  Problems at home maybe?  I will provide some thoughts on this topic at a future date.

>  This should solve the problem.  I am well aware that the Socialists in our country would not be happy about this.  Contrary to popular belief, they have no actual desire solve a problem or provide assistance anyway.  Most of their “solutions” are still in search of a problem.  Their real objective is power.  To obtain and maintain that power they need votes.  They cannot get votes from non-citizens.  They therefore need immigrants as citizens dependent upon their socialist programs to vote for them.  Allowing anyone to vote regardless of their immigration status definitely benefits them.  So this MAY help solve two problems.  First is the problem of future illegal immigration and what to do with those already here.  The second is to help limit or break the hold Socialism currently has on this country.

>  This solution would benefit us in other ways as well.  A few examples:

  • Help reduce the federal deficit by “legalizing” and taxing the income of illegal immigrants thereby providing more tax revenue.
  • Reducing Federal expenditures on social programs since fewer people will be taken advantage of by employers holding the illegality of their status over their heads.  The employers will be forced to provide better wages and benefits instead of hiding the employment of these people under the table and making them no better than indentured servants.
  • Killing two birds with one stone by providing combined operations and training for our military right here at home.
  • I’m no expert on drug trafficking but I suspect having a full time military presence on the border would help with the interdiction of drugs coming across our borders.  I highly doubt a complete solution but every bit would help.
  • Reduce Federal expenditures by reducing the number of, and therefore expenses for, law enforcement agencies.  The US Customs and Border Protection as law enforcement in the form of border security would be significantly reduced.  Since we are paying for the military and its training anyway, that is a wash.

>>> The day is at a close, the night is drawing in and my cigar awaits – ’til next time…